Saturday, August 20, 2011

Neat and orderly

Orderly in the store or order the goods

I accidentally pick up the theme of the blog this time on we have to order in store and organize things, with many jobs, busy affair, thinking about it and thinking about it, eventually head of headache, sore and does not karuhan, which ends all of a mess.

As we think, and we note with rubbish that there are streets, houses look dirty, so dirty car, at home no gift of the frivolous, with a wife or husband continued to fuss, do not get along with neighbors, and other things that make us irregular .

There are several concepts that say in the affairs of the foundation is orderly and neat, as far as what you understand the grammar of order or tidiness ?.... This is just a picture of us to always keep order, neatness among the living.

And also worth disseminated to others and to our descendants, so that they understand how important the benefits, uses and careful action. Starting from a self-conceptualize our methods to achieve the means of beauty, happiness, harmony and comfort.

The concept is: "Maintain greater than has occurred the problem that does not want".
  1. We changed the thing that looks dirty, do not be allowed to accumulate,
  2. Do not accustomed to dirty, dirty place or after the work was not immediately cleaned up,
  3. Perform disciplinary rules for all the people who are at home, or neighborhood.
  4. Not yet ruled to others before we can clean it, in the sense of breadth: we work on our initiatives, new mampuh otherwise using another person with the buruhan biat him, do not bother other people bisaka life.

Although some may be useful for everything!.

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